Friday 26th February

What a change in weather in the last few days, from beautiful sunshine on Monday and Tuesday to rain, snow, sleet and blowing a hoolie. Forgot to mention the frost as well.

Jobs the last two days were limited due to the frost so it was back to gorse management, with guys chipping gorse or cutting gorse. We also had all the guys, in at different times, going through Health and Safety training. The subjects covered: Manual Handling, Noise At Work, Slips,Trips And Falls and Fire Safety.

A new mound at the sheds, left-hand side of the 10th approach. This will hide the buildings a little bit more and also hopefully help if there is anymore flooding.

We also took the chance to strim down any wild Sea Lyme areas that were close to play.
Once the frost had come out a little bit we managed to carry on with bunker maintenance.
Today, all the winter holes were changed and bunkers raked for the weekend.
Due to flooding with all the rain the course will have only 13 holes open this weekend: