Friday 26th March

Course back to full summer circuit today.

It's been a busy week with all the guys preparing the course for the start of the season.

A new member to the Championship staff this week is Craig Kerr(brother of Stuart), Craig will be here as a seasonal worker from now until the end of October.

Jobs going on this week were raising an area at 16th hole and re-turfing.

Spreading fertiliser on all tees(roughly same mix as greens except no 3:10:5 fert).

Greens sprayed with wetting agent (Revulotion).

Flymo and strimming tee banks, ditches and hairy bunker faces.

Our sprinkler system is not fully up and running yet, so sprinklers have to be put on manually and only two at a time due to pressure. Certain fairway sprinklers were raised up so they are flush with the ground around and fertiliser put on the greens and tees was washed in.

This week saw the return of the trailing Hydroject out on the fairways injecting water and wetting agent into fairway bumps and winter traffic areas.

Today, all the summer course furniture went out, bunkers raked, holes changed and any worm casts around the surrounds switched.

At last the contractors have managed to open the bridge at the 10th.