Wednesday 30th June

Still really warm and dry on the links, rain forecast tomorrow so rain dancing tonight.

The week so far included:

Hand cutting greens

With the Seniors Open coming up, we will now look to having guys in at the weekend hand-cutting.

Greens were sprayed with wetting agent and seaweed.

With Keith leaving last week, we have two new seasonal workers.

Two local lads Garry(Carnoustie) and Ben(Monifieth), they are both here til college starts in September.

Here's Sandy showing Ben around the course "Aye Ben, here's the drinking fountain, you just turn the tap and the water comes up. Amazing"

Talking of water here, is Gus showing us his new Dragons Den invention. The system known as Water Any Needy Cracks (W.A.N.C.) will hopefully be on the market soon, watch this space.

Bunkers were blown and raked.

Rabbit Damage

No, a few areas which had not recovered from the flooding's were headed out and repaired.

Here is another new family on the Buddon lake.

Can we also remind visitors, out for a walk on the course, for your own safety please use the roads/pathways at all times.

There is always one group that likes to take a shortcut.