At the weekend, greens were double cut on Saturday and a single cut on the Sunday.

On the Sunday night all the guys were in for Seniors preparation.

A start was made to fairway cutting all one direction (tee to green) a lot of flies and midges out for some reason at night.

Fairway boys not to happy.

Approaches and surrounds were brushed by hand and cut(tee to green)

and semi roughs were cut (tee to green).

Other jobs on the Sunday night included:

Bringing in course furniture, cupping divots on fairways and tees, a start made to flymo/strim/blowing bunkers and holes changed.

As i was coming to work this morning, i noticed this old guy in the window of the hotel gym.

None other than Gary Player, he knocked on the window and called me over. He said he had just swam all the way from St Andrews and he was just warming down with a hundred push ups.


Today, greens were cut and rolled, now running at 10 ft.

Bunkers, approaches and surrounds finished before the pros started.