Wednesday 30th November 2011

We are still at the 10th this week.

Slowly working our way back out of the job.

The Imlay Bridge is complete.

The astromat walkway has been removed, replaced with hard wearing turf and rubber crumb has been spread over the area.

Hopefully by the end of the week we should have the greenside turfed.

Next on the agenda is the other side. Yesterday, the turf was cut and the best of the turf was set aside.

This year we have a dump between the 3rd green Burnside and 10th walkway Championship. All waste material from the winter will be put here, sand capped and turfed. This will act as a screen between the two courses.

Meanwhile, in the shed, Dangerous Jimmy is back after his dizzy turn. Looks like he has been thinking of new ideas when he was off.

Here, he has created a a tunnel for the blow heater to dry off the heather seed.

Last day of Movember today.