Thursday 8th December 2011

The frost has stayed with us over the last few days.

Pins still on winter greens. We have started cutting/trimming gorse in a few areas.

All gorse cut so far has been chipped on-site.

 Dangerman is still caressing the heather seed in the shed.

Bunker building is still going on at the 6th(above)

and at the 13th(above).

Adjustments to the bunker at 13th, they must have missed the head again!! Burt Reynolds is getting excited, Xmas doo next Friday.

At the 10th more sand has been driven in with more to follow.

Both bridges have been finished by the building contractors.

Today, it was just a little bit windy. Gusts reaching up to 80/90/100 MPH depending on who you talk to.

So far, just a couple trees on the Burnside down and Uncle Brandy's wig blew off a few times but we will just have to wait and see what the damage is tomorrow.