Monday 30th January 2011

Its been a while since the last course update.
In that time a few of us have been down to Harrogate for BTME and sampling a (good) few Black Sheep!!

Not a lot of gorse work going on this year due to the milder weather.

Turf arrived for the job at the 17th fairway.

Just under 2000 sqm of turf.

So much easier when you have the tractor rolls.

Job turfed in two days.

Bunker building near enough complete.

Two bunkers to the left of the 16th green re-built. The bunker closest to the green was dropped back to its original height and the ground round about reshaped. 

Gorse stumps pulled out at the 12th carry, this area will be re-turfed where required.

A road is removed at the 12th in between the white and Hogan tee. This was then filled up with sand and ready for turf.

This week plans are to spike and roll greens, turf any outstanding jobs and to make a start clearing out the ditches.