Monday 13th February 2012

Frustrating weather last week.
Sandy (above) saluting the Queen's Jubilee.

The ground was solid with frost, then things did nt help with the rain.
Gorse maintenance was on the cards for most of the week.

Mobile gorse bushes.

Rain on top of the frost causing course closures.

Plenty of gorse chipping to get on with.

Dangerous Jimmy sorting the road at the dump.

I think the rake on the back window is for safety!!

Ditch being dug out to the left of the 2nd tee.

Handyman Barry washing the Links Espace.

Dangerman was a busy man last week.

Bridge replacements at the 3rd and one at the 5th.

Here he is again getting the Hardi Boss sprayer out of the back of the shed. We are looking to sell this on as we no longer use it.

One of the PowerRangers out for a run.