Wednesday 30th May 2012

Well the warm weather continued until today.
Little bit of drizzly rain.

The past few days have been spent hand watering areas making things tick over through the dry spell.

This week we welcome the Royal Swedish Golf Society who are playing on all three courses. 

Newly cut fairway extensions were mini cored.

The hydroject is back out on the greens, hopefully they will be completed by the weekend.

Young kids have dammed up the burn, not good when we are clearing out any weed.

Not a job for Dangerous Jimmy.

Bunkers also tidied up this week with the flymo, strimmer and blowing.

Seed that was put down under the plastic trackway is starting to come through.

An area where wild flowers (part of Operation Pollinator) will be sown out is being prepared. This area has been sprayed with total, the next step will be to scrape away the vegetation down to bare earth.

Handyman Barry is painting the diesel cage after it was completed.

Today with the drizzle the swallows were out in force. Swallows normally feed 7–8 metres above shallow water or the ground, often following machinery to catch disturbed insects, but they will occasionally pick prey from the water surface, walls and plants. They are also attracted to Toro red.

Back to the 10th green, pesky kids have been on it with BMX bikes. A few burn marks on the green.

Project Buddon has started with contractor Marcus Terry on his own til the rest of the team arrive. 

He has been very busy clearing areas from the edge of the job to allow the bulldozers a bit more easy access.