Monday 25th February 2013

As my camera has finally bitten the dust, i will show you some pics of jobs that have been completed or near enough.
Above, we have taken away the astro-turf path that led to the 8th green and installed a rubber mat.

The grass will hopefully grow through the rubber mat and give a more natural look to the hole rather than the astro-turf.

An additional change to the Championship Course this year is the removal of the green tees. The new yellow tees will be a mixture of the old yellow tees and the old green tees. The course will measure around 6600 yards. The box will remain on the yellow tees for the season apart from Spring, Autumn and Paul Lawrie Meetings. Doing this allows us to use any tight turf from some of the tees we wont use anymore.

Here is the 4th white tee.

The area is stripped of turf and prepared ready for rough turf.

Thge 17th fairway is finally finished.

I am glad to see the back of that job!!

With the floodings, we have taken the step to try and raise all the bridges around the course. The only downside is that irrigation pipes have to be raised up too.

Dangerous Jimmy has a new pair of wellies to match his bucket.

The yellow wellies are one way to spot where he is on the course.

Thats as long as he wears them.

Another bridge ready to be raised, this time at the 1st.

A big hole between the 10th and 11th fairways is where we managed to get sand for the 17th job. The only thing is that it has been too wet to get back in to sand cap and re-contour the ground.

A crow enjoying a dook.


Bunker at the 5th completed. Hopefully get on with a few more in the coming weeks.