Saturday 2nd February 2013

Well this my first real post of the year, the last one being before Christmas. 

Dangerous Jimmy being the fairy on top of the Christmas tree.
Dangerman was not the only thing i was having to keep an eye on before and during the festive period.

It was the weather and the high tides,

causing a lot of headaches and heartbreak. Just when we had cleared up from the last flooding this comes along.

A lot of work being carried out on the course just now as we try and play catch up.
The mound in front of the 4th tee has been lowered, a little bit of sand saved and a discovery of three hand hammered gutta-percha balls.

Mound shaped and re-turfed

The fairway bunker on the left hand side of the 5th has had the run in raised and the height of the bunker on the left hand side raised at the same time.

This bunker gets bad with lying water after heavy rain.

The idea is to raise the sand level too. Job completed more pictures to follow.

With the flooding of the burn the descision was made to raise all the bridges around the course, starting at the 17th. When the burn level does rise the problem is that the bridges are too low and the water hits off the bridge and gets pushed on to the fairway.

This week, greens verti-drained with 8mm tines, double rolled, top dressed and brushed in. All greens completed in 3 days.