Friday 12 April 2013

Well it has been a busy two weeks

Irrigation work nearing the end.

The course was set up for the start of the season, with the new yellow (combination of green and yellow) course coming into play.

Ross celebrated his 21st Birthday

Dangerous Jimmy was saving the environment by recycling astro turf mats.

A lot of dead puffins were washed up the burn. This was due to the bad weather we have been having.

As we wait for more heat and growth, we carry on with jobs such as cleaning out the burn and cleaning out the ditches.

A build up of gravel over the years is stopping the flow of the water.

Our nursery starts getting stocked up again with turf from Inturf.
Two loads down another two to go!!

Augusta Syndrome - this is the time of year that the golfers moan that the greens are not as quick or as green as The Masters.
Greens triple rolled today, that should stop them moaning!!
The Buddon team are looking good and ready for the weekends action.

Whilst the Burnside boys get ready for the BIGGA Central Section Spring Outing on Wednesday.
Have a good weekend, hopefully we will see the sun next week.