Thursday 23rd May 2013

Again, i have failed to keep updating the blog. Must get the finger out!!

Things on the course are going well apart from having no heat, good for keeping the growth under control. We have been doing a bit more rolling this year to try and keep surfaces nice and smooth.
A homemade mix was put out on tees.

Our astroturf path way, which was replaced with rubber matting, at the 8th is growing in well.

Dangerous Jimmy has completed all the recycling of the astroturf on areas at the 12th

and the road up to the 3rd green.

Trackways to bridges and walkways were cored

overseeded and topdressed with rubber crumb.

New machinery has arrived

with even Toro flymos

A new seasonal this year is Neil, he is the son of Eric. More on Eric next week.

New bunkering at the entrance points into the town, Sandy making sure there is no bulges in the face!!

As the end of May is nearly insight, surely there will be a bit more heat as we move into June.