Friday 22nd November 2013

Unbelievable tekkers from the guys this week. Area prepared at the 11th fairway with compost.


Tramped and ready for the incoming turf delivery from Inturf.

Heading out divots was also on the go at the 11th fairway.

Turfing in progress.



Other turfing areas were at the 10th Championship tee.

Bad operator with a split pallet of turf.

The 5th Championship tee is where we have been taking heads out for divots on the fairways.

Another tee that was cleared, composted and turf down.

A little bit of gorse work at the 12th carry, this should open up the hole for all the old guys.

Its not only the greenstaff that are busy, in the workshop all our units are being stripped down and re-sharpened for the new season.