Friday 30th April

Another nice day today and a little bit warmer.

This weekend see's the start of the spring meetings first up are:

Caledonia Golf Club

Mercantile Golf Club

New Taymouth Golf Club

Jobs today : greens cut @ 4mm then rolled behind, approaches hand cut @ 6mm, green surrounds cut @ 7mm and fairways cut @9mm.

Other jobs were cutting bunker run-ins and bunker heads @ 9mm, moving the markers, divotting tees (also picking up broken tees), changing holes, raking bunkers and strimming/feathering around the course.

Above, Margaret the Head Ranger placing out the ball scoops/looking for balls round the Barry Burn.

This week saw the arrival of some new machinery, with more expected to be delivered next week. Here's Eric (Head Maintenance Engineer) on the new Toro fairway mower and two new Toro triples.