Friday 4th February

Here we are below at the 17th

Compost in to the job, tramped and raked.

Seaweed and pre-seeder down, ready for turf.

Another job complete.

one word - dangerous

two words - dangerous jimmy

Its been a funny week of weather, warm at the start then followed by snow and cold/high winds.

Here we are lifting turf from our next job at the 18th fairway, this turf is getting put down at the 17th.

At the 18th, we have stripped all the fairway turf and removed one half of the topsoil to one side.

We then added sand to create a ridge. This will then (hopefully) stop any water from the burn at high tides overflowing down the fairway.

Next week we will do the same to the other half of the job.

At the end of the day (today), right on cue i managed to get a photo of the burn overflowing with tide.