Thursday 6th May

Well, the rain we hoped for arrived last night.

Back to yesterday, hand watering on the course on-going, fairways cut and greens rolled.

Dry weather allowed us to mini core weak areas around greens.

These areas were then applied with fescue seed, seaweed and rubber crumb. The application is then raked in using an old style bunker rake and rolled behind.
The rubber crumb acts like a cushion as it settles round the crown of the plant and drops into the tine holes. This relief of compaction and reduced surface hardness not only saves the grass but helps in keeping walk off areas strong and playable.


Our seasonal staff for this year are :

Garry, Kevin and Michael (who is here for only 6 weeks).

Today, 1st and 11th greens were pencil tined and sprayed with a liquid soil catalyst. These are two of the weaker greens.

Greens hand cut at 4.25mm.

This weekend is the turn of Carnoustie and Dalhousie Golf Clubs for their Spring Meetings.



George looking for litter!!!

Big marquee at the Caledonia Golf Club, who are hosting a wedding for the first time today.

Forgot to mention last week that all the greenkeepers wish Caddymaster Martin Roy a speedy recovery. I am sure he will be back with us in no time at all.