Wednesday 29th June

First post for a long time, here is a quick look back:

Week starting the 13th June - Main jobs that week were top-dressing greens and approaches/surrounds, low areas on fairways were cut @ 6.5mm, weed killing around the course and general tidy up of course in the way of strimming/feathering areas around greens.

During the middle of that week a homemade fertiliser mix of: sulphate of ammonia, sulphate of iron, dried blood and hoof and horn were applied to the greens - this feed should see us through to the Women's Open. The rest of the week greens were dewied and cut with boxes off.

Then the rain came and it rained and rained and rained. For a while i thought i was working at Augusta, the greens (with the fert and rain) were really green!!

Week starting the 20th June - With all the rain and all the growth, we were brushing and double cutting the greens and of course rolling to achieve decent speeds for the different club championships. Fairways were sprayed with wetting agent, ammonia and iron both at light rates this was to build the grasses up before we verti-cut the following week. Work continued at the Pro Centre getting areas ready for turf. Weed killing on going.

Back to this week greens top-dressed and a start made to verti-cutting fairways and cutting behind them at 7.5 mm. Tomorrow we have a helicopter hole by hole shoot for BBC so all the course furniture has to be hidden away.

At least the sun is finally back.