Wednesday 7th September 2011

Tassie week is here and so is the normal Tassie weather.

Above pictures are before the torrential rain and high winds!!

At the tail end of last week, we made a start to cutting down thick rye-infested areas in the rough.

These areas will now be scarified, treated with the selective graminicide Rescue and then overseeded.

Back to previous overseeding on the greens, you can now see on weak areas just off the green that seed is coming through.

This week

Greens hand cut and the usual mowing everyday of all areas for the Tassie.

Only one day of rolling so far due to the high wind forecasts.

Holes changed everyday.

Today, we have special visitors to the course in the way of GB & I Walker Cup team, i am sure the windy conditions will set them up nicely for Royal Aberdeen at the weekend.