Thursday 27th October 2011



September was a mostly typical month with an average noon temperature of 15.5° C aided by an unusually warm three days at the end of the month coinciding with the Dunhill Links Championship.  Winds were generally light to fresh predominantly westerly and rainfall was near normal at 63 mm, a welcome major reduction from August. 



Routine maintenance combined with course preparation for both the Tassie at the beginning of the month and the Dunhill Links at the end took up the majority of man hours for September. 

Championship Course


The usual bi-monthly spray of this top growth retardant was applied to greens at the beginning of the month.


A preventative fungicide application was made to greens as required early in the month.

Turf Repairs

Some minor turf repairs on one or two tees, 10th green surround and 14th walkway were carried out in the first half of the month. 

Putting Green Gates

The practice putting green entrance gates were repositioned to provide a more practical access coinciding with the new pathway to the golf centre.

Seeding – Golf Centre

Further seeding was carried out behind the new golf centre early in the month.

Scarification / Sand Injection

Scarification combined with sand injection using the Graden machine was carried out on certain teeing grounds.


Sand top up was carried out as required followed by rotavation of bunker floors as part of the usual bunker maintenance procedures.

Pine Needles

Blowing and sweeper collection of pine needles from the 9th green and fairway in particular was required on several occasions.  This process applied locally to the other two courses as well. 


Greens were rolled and brushed allied to mowing as deemed necessary through the month.


The turf nursery areas were treated with an autumn fertiliser (6-0-12) towards the end of the month.

Craw’s Nest Tassie / Dunhill Links

Both tournaments were held in September this year and both proved very successful and popular with players.  The usual course preparations were carried out for both events with attention to detail once again to the fore.   

Burnside Course


Greens were sprayed with a preventative fungicide at the beginning of the month.

Minor Repairs

Minor turf repairs concentrated on plugging rabbit scrapes round the course.

Standing Water

Removal of standing water was again required from certain greens and approaches early in the month.

Drain Clearance

The drain line running down the left side of the 6th hole was flushed out to maintain flow rates.

Irrigation system work involved the construction of three concrete block chambers to house relevant bore hole flow meters including meter installation.  Sprinklers were trimmed around on fairways and tees.  The system was again not in use for turf irrigation other than washing in applications like wetting agent sprays or fertiliser treatments.


Tees were slit tined during the month to a 4” depth while certain tees were hollow tined followed by top dressing. 


Certain greens were sprayed with a selective weedkiller to control pearlwort development. 


Greens received a dressing of Autumn fertiliser (5-5-11) near the end of the month while weaker tees were treated with a nitrogenous fertiliser (8-0-0) with iron sulphate.

Overseeding Greens 

All greens were overseeded as usual following the Senior Open from Monday 19th of the month.  The procedure involved the combined use of the Graden Scarifier and hollow tining for thatch removal purposes prior to seeding and working into shallow holes with the top dressing.  Following brushing, greens were rolled accordingly.

Buddon Links Course

Bunker Maintenance

Bunker maintenance included sand topping up as required.


Certain greens were verti cut followed by brushing whilst brushing and / or rolling was commonly employed for greens preparation.


Greens were sprayed with a suitable fungicide as a preventative measure early in the month as per the other courses.


A few greens including green walk-offs were fertilised during the month where deemed necessary.

Wetting Agent

The usual monthly wetting agent spray was applied towards the end of the month and included approaches.


The verti drain was used on flooded and other lower lying areas where required during the month.  All teeing grounds were also covered using ½” tines.

Environmental Work

Broom growth was sprayed with the chemical Timbrel in relevant areas on the Championship Course whilst stronger broom was strimmed back on certain holes on the Buddon Course.

The selective grass herbicide Rescue was sprayed in rough pockets on the Championship Course and ditches were cleaned out on both the Championship and Buddon Courses.  Fallen branches were cleared within the 6th, 7th and 16th triangle on the Burnside Course and several wind blown trees were removed for chipping on the Buddon Course.  

John S Philp
Links Superintendent