Tuesday 1st November 2011

A little bit of heat a the tail end of last week. Fairways cut along with the greens.
This is not our new water feature on the course.

One of the irrigation tanks is emptied and dismantled. The plan is to have a new tank in a different location underground in the near future.

We have had the new Toro Triflex Hybrid on demo for the last week.
Looks good.

Derek has finished his bridge at the 3rd.

This week sees the start of our winter works maintenance. First off is re-building 2 bunkers at the 14th fairway and 1 at the 2nd fairway.
The other job started is at the 7th fairway. Here we will be re-positioning the right hand bunker out of the two and raising all the ground round about. This area is prone to flooding especially after all the rain we have had this year.

At the 9th, we have hollow cored the green using 1/2 inch side ejectors on the verti-drain. Depth going down to about 6 inches. Hopefully this will encourage more root development.

After the cores were picked up we top-dressed the green using our own dune sand.

This is the only green we will do this to this year. All the rest of the greens will be verti-drained with a 8mm tine.