Friday 15th June 2012

Since the last update, we have had and celebrated the Queen's Jubilee.

A commemorative flag was put on the 18th greens of all courses.

Chips is back!!!
He is feeling the cold, as it is not as warm as Australia.

BMX riders are becoming a bit of a problem on the course, skidding on the greens and through the bunkers.

The starters box at the 1st was demolished to make way for phase two of redevelopment.

Turf replacement after the demolition.

Sandy watering the turf.

In the last two weeks the greens have been top-dressed twice.

Not long now till the Ladies Amateur Championship.
Weedkilling was started as well.

New turf nursery was seeded out and  new trial seed plots to be seeded out next week.

Clearance work still continuing on the Buddon Links.