Tuesday 26th June 2012

As the rapper Jay Z says
"If you're having water problems i feel bad for you son, i got 99 problems but the ditch ain't one, hit me"

The build up week to the Ladies British Amateur Championship was going well up until Thursday night when over 42mm of rain fell.

The Burnside course being the worst hit. The 3rd hole was under water when the Barry Burn burst its banks.

A few puddles on some of the greens were brushed off before the hand cutters arrived.

The 17th fairway on the Championship was flooded and the incoming tide did not help things.

Once the burn level went down the pumps were out all day Friday and the fairway was up and running for the Caledonia Club Championship at night.

The ducks had a rare day out!

By Sunday night the weather was back to normal for the guys who were all in.

Head Tee Starter Bob and Head Ranger talk tactics.

Flags ready to go out for the practice day on Monday. More pictures to follow.
Flooding at the 10th of the Championship and 3rd Burnside.