Sunday 25th July

Well here we go last day.

Got a feeling the course will show its teeth and the wind will blow.

The new faces of Sky Sports.

Fairways cut.

Tees dewied.

Holes changed.

Hogans Alley.

Fairway, approach, surround and green all being cut at 11th.

View from the 17th green back down the fairway.

Today, greens were double cut and double rolled.

Well, the greenstaff are playing first thing tomorrow we want them to be running fast.

The Teams:


Paul, Alan, Andy, Neil and Gavin.


Graham, Craig K, Greg, Colin and Angus.


Stuart, Malcolm and Chris.


Garry, Barry, Willie and Ross.

Practice Tee

Steve and Darren.

Strimming/Blowing/General Tidy up.



Allan, Duncan, Derek, Mark, Kevin, Chris and Steve.

Holes/Flags/Practice Putting

Sandy and Craig

Stimpmeter Readings


Not forgetting Divot Squad and George on Litter Patrol.

Mechanics on standby

Eric, Derek, Steve and Kevin.



A great team effort this week including all three courses.

Ooooo its going to be Mint!!


Saturday 24th July

Running at 9ft 10 inches, the fairways are looking superb.

Today, fairways , approaches, surrounds and Hogan tees cut with the other tees being dewied.
The divot squad finished off the remaining holes from last night.

Heavy dew this morning so greens were double cut and rolled.

Nice legs Angus.

Stotty is back!!

Ken on Course ye ken.


Friday 23rd July

Day 2


Greens single cut and Hogan tees cut

Fairways, approaches, surrounds and main tees all cut one direction tee to green.

Bunkers raked and tees/fairways cupped with a sandy divot mix.


Greens single cut.

Fairways and tees cupped.

Bunker faces blown and approaches hand brushed and cut.

Last group playing down 18th.

Brushing and cutting approaches/surrounds.


Thursday 22nd July pm

Great day for golf today.

The ducks enjoying the best seats in the house.

Sandy trying to recreate Tom Watsons shot.

Angus repairing a slightly seeping sprinkler.

Bunker faces blown.

Greens cut and fairways divoted 2-10.

Sandy trying to get Tom's ball.

Oooo Augusta baby!!!

Here's John telling Sandy the story of the 84 Open again!!!

Thursday 22nd July

This week, its all about course preparation and presentation.

The Championship team has been boosted by members of the Burnside and Buddon Staff.

The Master?

Green speeds at 10ft 4" today, wind forecast so we dont want them too fast.