Thursday 30th September

Tuesday saw the visit of Richard Windows from S.T.R.I

Here he is with Sandy taking soil samples.

below John is stimping the greens, all these measurements are put together.

Other measurements include: smoothness, trueness, moisture readings and clegg hammer readings.

Today on the course a big squad on the bunkers : flymo/strimming/blowing/raking and greens rolled.

Spraying : Sandy to the Rescue!!

Posts for spectator routes have been put out.

I think the guys on the European Tour are trying to take the mickey here!!

Dodge the posts.

Below is a video of the Smoothness/Trueness meter.

Anyone want to buy a ............




Saturday 25th September

Another great day on the course weather wise.

Little bit of wind.

Tented area at left hand side of 18th green just about complete.

Today jobs included: hand cutting and rolling greens, green surrounds and approaches cut, bunkers raked and holes changed.

We finished early yesterday as there was a presentation to John for 25 years service.

Gordon Murray (Links Chairman) hands over a memento.

John addressing all the staff/committee members who turned up.

John with his family.

John back in the day.


Thursday 23rd September

Well the dark and cold mornings are certainly here.

Not much happening on the course apart from general maintenance.

We are restricted on what we can do due to the Dunhill Links Championship.


Jimmy is back!!

Great video, we might try this on the Buddon lake.


No doubt George was out trying to get the balls out of the lake after they had finished.

Scoreboards being built for the Dunhill are underway.

Looks like progress is being made with the new pro centre.


22nd September 2010



August was a changeable month with variable wind direction, usually light to fresh, and intermittent rainfall with some heavy showers. Average noon temperature was similar to July at 17°C , whilst total rainfall was lower at 39mm


Championship Course

Top Dressing

Teeing grounds were top-dressed early in the month along with green surrounds.

Over Seeding

Greens over seeding was carried out on the 10th & 11th of the month as agreed. Multiple shallow solid –tine holes were back filed in the usual manner with sand, seaweed meal and soil master (a drainage agent) following seed application which was sprayed with the humic acid product Activate ‘R’ to enhance germination. Any holes not completely filled in were topped –up thereafter. Certain greens were treated with thin ‘pencil’ tines to aid hole closure whilst providing additional aeration to the root-zone. All procedures were followed by brushing, mowing and rolling accordingly. Results have been most encouraging. Similar over seeding work took place on green walk-offs, walkways and weak fairway areas, with the inclusion of fine rubber-crumb worked into the holes on walk-offs and walkways.

Turf Repairs

Turf repairs were carried out at the large scoreboard position behind the 16th green along with some seeding. The test hole excavated by Mansell on the public putting green was back filled and turf replaced near the end of the month.

Conditioner Sprays

Conditioner sprays were applied to greens and practice green on several occasions during the month comprising micro-nutrients, wetting agent, liquid seaweed, liquid iron and water acidifier as and where appropriate. Approaches were covered, as were high parts of the fairways, including any weaker growing areas, with liquid ammonia added where required.


The public putting green and the greens nursery received a liquid feed comprising liquid nitrogen, liquid iron tank mixed with a selective weedkiller. The new turf laid on the early part of the 18th fairway was similarly treated along with certain tees.

Selective Grass- Killer

The selective grass-killer ‘Rescue’ was applied to certain coarse rough areas to remove ryegrass and Yorkshire fog species in particular. Holes involved were 1,4,5,9,10/11,12,15 and 18.


Selective Weedkiller

Selective weedkilling continued round the course generally as required. Greens were sprayed with Mecoprop to control pearlwort.

Total Weedkiller

Total weedkiller was applied to dry ditch bases and on hard standing round the Hotel and Starters’ Box.


Greens and certain teeing grounds were sprayed with a fungicide mix as a preventative to control early signs of dollar spot disease

Bunker Maintenance

Bunker maintenance followed the usual pattern with bunker floors being loosened with the powered bunker rake especially after rains. Certain bunkers were topped –up with fresh sand as required.


August was a busy mowing month as usual with the majority of man hours involved in mowing, brushing and rolling playing surfaces throughout the month. Strimming was carried out round the course as was ditch, burn bank and tee bank mowing. Green surrounds were verti-cut in the middle of the month.

Environmental Work

Environmental work during the month included the installation of dog bins around the courses adjacent to the service road network. We now have 20 bins on the Links. Further weed clearance was carried out in the Barry Burn. Three leaning pine trees were felled to the left of the 9th hole on the Championship Course and the stumps turfed over. The brush-killer Trimbel was applied to young broom growth on the Burnside Course and previously burnt gorse was chipped at the 15th hole on this course. Debris was cleared from the T.V. compound at the 2nd hole.

Bob Taylor, head of Ecology and Environment at S.T.R.I. carried out his annual visit to the Links on the 11th of this month.


Sunday 12th September

Well The Tassie would nt be The Tassie if we did nt get any rain,

and on Saturday it certainly did.

Greens hand cut and holes changed everyday as well as tees/approaches and green surrounds.

Seed coming through on the greens, great job.

Fairways cut on the Friday,

but on the Thursday we took the dew off with a hose.

Saturday, enough said.

Well Done to Chris Harrison, 2010 Craws Nest Tassie Champion.


Tuesday 7th September

Very windy for the first day of The Tassie yesterday.

Greens cut with triples.

Tees and green surrounds finished off from Sunday night.

Today, windy again first thing with torrential rain forecasted later on. A few bunkers have to be sorted with the wind blow.

With only the greens getting cut and flags put out, it was a big squad divotting fairways.

Sandy going solo against the wind.

We are trying to get the ducks trained up for an all new divot squad.

The buckets are too heavy for them and they all bunch together.

Spread oot!!


Sunday 5th September

Last week, was a week of preperation for The Tassie.


Fairways cut

Greens cut by hand

Spinklers trimmed and sprayed with primo maxx, growth regulator.

rough mounding strimmed

This week, we also had the chance to put out an extra 9 dog bins around the course. This takes the total up to over 20 now.

Fencing around the area for the new pro centre, ready to start on Monday.

Greens stimping at 12 again!!

We re going to have to slow them down