Monday 23rd December 2013

As we head closer towards Christmas, the weather this winter has been very helpful.
It has allowed us to get on with most of our main winter works.
The ditch to the right of the 3rd green was smartened up with half rounds replacing the wooden boards that were there.

Looking great.

This winter we have tried out these hole liners on the main greens and the winter greens. The idea was to save us from changing the holes as often and to stop the hole from going so scruffy after verti-drain work. It seems to have done the trick. Greens have been looking really good through the winter this year with the help of Transition. Transition works to aid turf in dormant periods of the year by means of specially formulated pigments, which raise the level of solar radiation absorption, putting up the surface temperature.

The next job on the list was the 2nd tee extension.

All turf lifted, top soil removed, sand driven in, top soil replaced and re-turfed.

Then the big storms hit the coast.

A lot of water over the 18th fairway, it was just lucky that there was no heavy rain as the burn would be a lot higher.

Our winter works from last year seemed to be doing the trick as the 17th fairway stayed dry.
Amazingly all the water had disappeared by the next morning leaving only water in the bunkers which were pumped out.

Next job, the 15th tee extension. Again the same process as the 2nd tee.

Turf down and given a little roll.
One more main job to do, hopefully we will get on to this straight after the Christmas break.

We are now on to bunker rebuilding. Above at the right of 14th fairway,

two at the 15th fairway,

two at the right of the 11th fairway

and the two at the 4th green. These bunkers have been made slightly smaller and the ground round about softened off.

Extreme turf cutting.

Prep work on the bunkers. Hopefully we might get it turfed before Christmas.

Wall work at the 18th burn.

Its not just the Championship Course that is busy at this time of year, the Burnside team are putting in irrigation cable/water pipe/fibre optic cable through five of the fairways on the course. This will be to accommodate a toilet between the 8th fairway and 15th tee on the Championship. 

The Buddon Links team are joining two fairways together (9th and 10th), they are also getting the two new holes ready for the start of the season.

Over the fence at Barry Buddon, they are getting the area ready for the Commonwealth Games next year.

An early Christmas present for Carnoustie Golf Links is GEO Certification.
Great achievement by all the staff at the Links.
Merry Christmas to all from Carnoustie Golf Links and all the best for 2014.