Monday 29th November


Snow showers on and off all day

Jobs today were gorse management, driving road metal to the Buddon course and of course the odd snowball fight.

Guess the hole


Friday 26th November

With the snow not shifting, the course was closed again today.

And it does nt look good for weekend golf.


The roof is now on the pro centre

In the workshop, the mechanics are working hard to ensure that machinery is ready for the start of the season.

Foundations are being set for the new tea hut

and Salv breaks the new screen!!


Thursday 25th MOVEMBER

A covering of the white stuff when we woke up this morning.

Forgot to add yesterday that another couple of bunkers were finished, Tash-tastic

and the tea hut was demolished.

Today, a few guys had tractor and digger training

and because of the snow and frost, it was a gorse and tree maintenance day.

All courses were closed today with another inspection on Friday morning.

More snow forecasted for tomorrow.

Burt Reynolds Xmas Doo Blow-out Countdown

22 Sleeps


Wednesday 24th November

A few rain/hailstone showers early in the week

Another couple of bunkers dug out and re built

Finally, we had a good enough spell of weather to prepare the job at 11th fairway, ready for turf.

Hopefully, the snow that is forecast does nt affect the job.


Thursday 18th November

Another cold one today with high winds and heavy rain nice!

It was so cold Malx had to put his balaclava on, which made him look like Monkey Magic.


Monkey Malx
Ok, sort of.

Back to the jobs...
at the 11th top soil was put back over all the sand that was brought in and shaped.
Hopefully, the weather will clear up tomorrow to allow us to tramp and rake this area and finalise preparation, ready for laying turf.


Wednesday 17th November

A very cold start yesterday with the pins staying on the winter greens.

Bunkers finished at 15th and at the 1st

Who does Malx keep texting?

Burt giving his bunker a good old bash (it needs it!!)

Today it is blowing a hooley, pins back on the main greens.

More sand is driven to the 11th fairway job.

Approaches/surrounds and winter greens cut

while at the 4th fairway, another bunker is started to be re built.


Monday 15th November

Frosty start to the morning.

Pins were put on to the winter greens.

Bunker building teams(4x2guys) moved to the fairway bunkers at the 1st

and the 15th.

Grow sheets were put on newly built bunkers and ones that take a lot of play during the summer.

Elsewhere, top soil from the 11th fairway is moved to the side ready for sand to be driven in tomorrow.