Friday 26th February

What a change in weather in the last few days, from beautiful sunshine on Monday and Tuesday to rain, snow, sleet and blowing a hoolie. Forgot to mention the frost as well.

Jobs the last two days were limited due to the frost so it was back to gorse management, with guys chipping gorse or cutting gorse. We also had all the guys, in at different times, going through Health and Safety training. The subjects covered: Manual Handling, Noise At Work, Slips,Trips And Falls and Fire Safety.

A new mound at the sheds, left-hand side of the 10th approach. This will hide the buildings a little bit more and also hopefully help if there is anymore flooding.

We also took the chance to strim down any wild Sea Lyme areas that were close to play.
Once the frost had come out a little bit we managed to carry on with bunker maintenance.
Today, all the winter holes were changed and bunkers raked for the weekend.
Due to flooding with all the rain the course will have only 13 holes open this weekend:


Tuesday 23th February

Hard frost again.

The whole squad went stone picking on the fairways this morning. This was from the sand, which was extracted from the Buddon course, that was used for top-dressing. There was a lot more stone through the sand than we expected.

After all the fairways were cleaned up we went back to gorse management.

Chris and Stuart G on the chipper.

Here are photos of the latest bridge work, carried out by contractors. The original bridge collapsed during the October floods.


Saturday 20th February

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Friday 19th February

Yes you've guessed it, hard frost again today so it was back to gorse management.

This afternoon we managed to rake the bunkers for this weekend, although the weather forecast is not looking very nice with frost and snow predicted.
A proposal for a new building has been submitted for planning permission. The building is to house a golf professional’s shop and locker room facilities. The building will be open to the general public and all golfers playing over our courses too.

Goodbye Mr Chips

A bit of sad news for a Friday on the links. It was Ewan Rosie (aka Chips) from the Burnsides last day at work today as he is taking a year out to travel Austrailia. We wish Ewan all the best on his big adventure.

And Chips if you ever see Scott and Charlene tell them we were asking for them.


Thursday 18th February

A hard frost over the last few days but all the guys managed to get on with bunker building as best as they could.

two at the 3rd green

one at the 2nd fairway

and one at the 6th green all near completion.

Other jobs include screening bunker sand, prep work for raising the vehicle bridge at the 17th fairway and gorse management.


Monday 15th February

Links Report for January 2010
The cold spell continued from December into the middle of the month, resulting in the longest course closures for many years(1 month).
The courses were opened with a limited number of holes on the 16th of the month following a slow thaw during the preceding week. Frost was experienced on 15 occasions and had penetrated approximately 7" into the ground on the greens. A north to north east airflow dominated in the first half of the month while westerlies were more common in the second half. Average noon temperatures were 3.25 degrees centigrade, the lowest recorded in any months for many years, whilst rainfall was 54mm.
The prevailing ground conditions curtailed turfing works during the first half of the month when work focused on gorse and broom management, where a great deal was achieved.

Greens and surrounds were slit-tined later in the month following the thaw.

Greens and approaches were rolled later in the month as was the recently laid 3rd tee.

A fungicide spray using ipridione was applied to the greens and surrounds to control fusarium disease which became evident on a number of greens following ice melt.

The 9th,10th,12th and the 14th fairways were lightly top-dressed near the end of the month.

Bunker Revetments
During the snow/ice cover period early in the month, a number of old bunker faces were dug away on the 2nd,4th,5th,6th and 16th holes.
Bunkers revetted in the remainder of the month included:
  • All bunkers on the 5th hole 6
  • 2nd green and approach 3
  • 4th green left hand side 2
  • 6th fairway 2
  • 16th green left and right side 3

Grow-covers were installed on re-built faces on the 8th,11th,13th,15th,16th and 18th green sides.

Turfing Work

The mound alongside the ditch in front of the 5th tee was partially removed to improve sight lines and give fuller use of the teeing area. The lowered was prepared in the usual manner and blended into the remaining section. Both normal turf and heather turf was used to cover the area. Turf replacement alongside the boundary fence at the 18th green was completed as was turfing to the left of the 15th green and left of the 7th hole following gorse removal. Heather dominated turf was again used to the left of the 6th hole for gorse replacement and the area in front of the 14th "Hogan" tee was turfed including two small patches of heather.

Environmental Work

Much gorse management work was carried out particularly in the first half of the month due to the prevailing wintry conditions:

  • right hand side of 1st hole
  • next to the 5th tee
  • left hand side of the 5th green
  • right hand side of the 6th hole
  • rear right of the 11th green
  • left hand side of the 12th walkway
  • behind the 13th green
  • right and left of the 14th fairway
  • left hand side of the 15th hole
  • left hand side of the 16th hole


Apart from a wide range of gorse management work several other duties were carried out during the snow/ice cover period which included: screening sand, painting course furniture, spreading road salt, installing drainage under service roads, tidying implement sheds and equipment and staff training.


Friday 12th February

Frost this morning, not that hard though so we kept the pins on the main greens. A really nice day today giving us the chance to top-dress the remaining fairways.
Other jobs today:

raising the drain and re-turfing at the right-hand side of the 18th green,

re-turfing an area with heather at the 8th hole,

and revetting bunkers at the 11th green

and 3rd fairway.


Wednesday 10th February

Hard frost in the ground this morning, pins put on the winter greens. Even though there was a frost all the guys managed to carry on building bunkers. In the afternoon we brushed the greens and cut behind with triples at 4.7mm.

Another hard frost expected tonight again.


Tuesday 9th February

Can't believe we had a full day of sunshine. Today a few more bunkers were finished.

One at the 9th green,

and one at the 7th green,bunkers also underway at the 3rd fairway.

Other jobs today include turfing at the 10th fairway and spreading iron on the remaining tees from yesterday.


Monday 8th February

A nice dry day for a change gave us the chance to spread iron on the greens today.
We also managed to top-dress 5 fairways. Other jobs today included turfing areas around gorse bushes and spreading iron on the pro tees.


Wednesday 3rd February

The ground is still hard with frost today. Jobs today include gorse cutting and bunker building.

Due to the frost, the guys could only build so far. Luckily we have a few bunkers dug out ready for building.


Tuesday 2nd February

Frost still in the ground this morning, bunker building still carried on at the 2 nd fairway. In the afternoon we managed to dig out a few more bunkers. Even though the turf at the nursery was slightly frozen, we managed to put a few loads of revetting on trailers and workmans. At the end of the day, instead of putting the trailers in the tractor shed we put them in the main building. Hopefully the turf will thaw out with the heat of the building.

Today we also had guys at the 17th and 9th holes doing a spot of gorse pruning.


Monday 1st February

Cold start this morning, hard frost today with the pins staying on the winter greens from the weekend.

On Friday, we managed to dig out a few bunkers. We also loaded trailers with revetting ready for bunker building at the 2nd fairway today. Even though it was hard frost we managed to dig out bunkers at the 3rd fairway and 7th approach today.