Friday 22nd July

This week, maintenance on the course was intensified.

All tournament tees were hand cut and the heights of the greens were dropped a little bit.

Units set up ready to go next week.

Safety fencing at the 16th tee brought down by the mechanics.

Tented village area ready to go.


Wednesday 6th July

Heavy rain throgh the night and day causing a few puddles on the course.

Today, holes changed and only the hydroject pumping seaweed into the greens were out and about.

A load of turf arrived from Inturf, Alan the driver was too keen for the rain but it will help keep the turf moist once laid.

All the turf was for the new Pro Centre.

We soon had the load (1200sqm) rolled out and the area cleaned.

Even with all the torrential rain, great effort from all the guys on all three courses


Tuesday 5th July

As from yesterday, we now have G.U.R. on certain areas of a few fairways (3rd, 11th, 14th and 18th). Making these areas G.U.R. will help popular divotted spots heal up in time for the RWBO. If your ball lands in the area, you are made to drop in the semi-rough to the side and no closer to the hole.

Yesterday, saw the arrival of the contractors for the Open. They did n't waste anytime and had a handful of scoreboard frames and a start made to the hospitality area by this morning.

Out on the course, greens were cut as normal @ 4mm and a start was made to hydrojecting greens with seaweed. We were also down at the Pro Centre preparing for a last load of turf which is due tomorrow (Wednesday).

On the wildlife front, it looked like an attack of jellyfish in the burn and Dangerous Jimmy's escaped pet budgie was spotted on the 17th green.

The Scottish Open is on this week at Castle Stuart, best wishes to Chris and all his team in what is the course first tournament.

Finally, we would like to say welcome aboard to Chris Murphy. Chris has taken over the new look tea hut, i am sure all the greenstaff will be in soon to sample all his stock!!


Friday 1st July

Today, greens hand cut the same as yesterday, holes changed, bunkers raked, boxes moved and a continuation of verti-cutting fairways.

Every week we try to fit in some data collection in the way of stimping greens for speed, taking readings from a moisture meter and the firmness of the greens in the way of clegg hammer readings.

Barry, has started to paint the many fences/hazard posts around the course in time for the Women's Open.

Its all go down at the Pro Centre as we try to put the finishing touches around the building in the way of turfing.

Talking of the Pro Centre here is a few photos

Nice finishing on the stone work to the entrance.

Main reception area now carpeted.

Inside the ladies locker room.

Inside the mens locker room.

The balcony.

Views from the balcony over the sea and the Buddon.

View over the Championship Course.