Monday 10th December 2012



November was a fairly mild month with about average rainfall and a slightly higher than average temperature. There wasn’t much in the way of wind therefore the courses didn’t dry up as quickly as we would have hoped after periods of rainfall. The last week of the month saw some welcome frosts which helped dry out and firm up the surfaces which made vehicle access to and from jobs less disruptive.


November as always sees the start of the Winter Works on the 3 courses and the commencement of any aeration programmes such as Verti-draining. Winter greens were established, having any divots plugged and being top-dressed.


The greens and surrounds were verti-drained with 13mm tines and top-dressed immediately to not only fill the holes but to increase the sand content in the upper soil profile. A cut and a couple of rolls ensued they were back to being smooth and true within a day or so. Any outstanding Hydro-ject work was completed and an application of fungicide was made to prevent any disease outbreak.

Other work

·        Cutting/strimming of thick rough and sea lyme dominated roughs was completed

·        Tees and fairways were all top dressed

·        Fairways were verti-drained with 13mm (½”) tines

·        Patches of Yorkshire Fog were plugged on the 1st tee

Winter Works

·        Job of raising the 2nd part of the Island on 17 commenced

·        Excavating sand from between 10th & 11th holes for up-filling the Island

·        Low area on 9th fairway raised and re-turfed

·        Mounds at right and rear of 9th green were stripped and lowered

·        Braids bunker lowered by 9”

·        Road along side 6th green removed and turfed instead

·        Astro turf matting removed from path at 8th

·        Gorse in front of 12th tee reduced in height to improve sight lines



Greens were only cut twice during November but along with the approaches were applied with Sulphate of Iron to harden the grass leaf and help control moss. These same areas were Verti-drained using 8mm tines to a depth of approximately 18cm (7”) and rolled a couple of times afterwards to level surfaces.

Other work

·        Old permanent winter tee mats were removed and turfed over with new portable mats being put out instead

·        Verti-draining of fairways with 13mm tines commenced

·        Raising and trimming sprinklers as required

Winter Works

·        Back tee on 6th hole was raised and re-turfed

·        11th tee was extended forward

·        Bridges at 3rd and 4th holes were removed to prepare for raising and replacing


The greens were top dressed and aerated with 8mm cross tines whilst the 6th fairway was scarified completing this sort of work for the season. The new type of portable winter tee mat was put out on to the par 3 tees.

Winter Works

·        The fairway, approach and surround of the new 10th hole were turfed using turf from the 17th fairway of the Championship Course and from the start of the 2nd fairway of the Buddon Links

·        Work adjusting the 4th green and it’s surround commenced

·        Bunkers were revetted at the 4th, 6th and 14th greens along with one at the 6th fairway

·        New line of sprinklers was installed on 4th carry/walkway



Three members of staff attended a 4 day training course on fine turf management presented by the STRI in Kinross. 

Sandy Reid

Links Superintendent

6th December 2012