Thursday 28th April

What a rare spell of weather we are having right now, is it wrong to hope for a day of rain!!

This week greens were brushed and double cut ahead of homemade feedmix being applied.

Homemade mix which included dried blood, hoof and horn, sulphate of ammonia and sulphate of iron was put out by hand and switched in after it was spread.

Oops, how did that photo get in there?

Hopefully, Dunfermline will secure the league this weekend.

Swans making a nest at the 11th tee.

Very heavy dew every morning this week so we have been out with the dewies before we cut.

There was even a touch of frost this week.

Semi rough being cut and feathering around the course took place.

Fairway and Rough Technicians (F.A.R.T) take care of the divot damage,

after the fairways are cut.

The tea hut is nearer completion.

After the feed this week, we have been cutting with the boxes off to ensure that any feed thats on the surface is put back in.

What is Dangerous Jimmy up to now another invention!!

Another busy week in the workshop, playing hide and seek and fixing ladies buggies.

John (MBE) has been away for most of the week as he is taking part in The Royal Wedding, he has been keeping a video diary and sent up footage of the dress rehersal.




Friday 15th April

Busy Busy Busy

We'll start off the blog with a Congratulations to Sandy Reid and his wife Catherine on the safe arrival of Harriet Jean ( 8lbs 5oz ) on Thursday past. Sleepless nights to look forward to!!

On the course, weather has been good with plenty of heat helping the grasses to grow.

Jobs on the course included keeping on top of growth in the way of cuttings tees, surrounds, fairways and greens. A light top-dressing was applied to the greens on the Monday.

A mole pops up to see how we are getting on.

Three lorry loads of turf have been brought in from Inturf to fill up our nurseries for next winter.

Chris tries to keep his eye on the job.

Dangerous Jimmy still up to no good.

Carnoustie Golf Links staff are proud to hand out another couple of cheques this week from the staff charity fund.


First cheque of £400 to Commando 999 www.commando999.com .

The second cheque of £1000 to Help Ayley and Chloe Walk Fund http://www.facebook.com/helpayleyandchloewalk.

Since the staff charity started in 2002 we have raised over £20,000 pounds for local Charities £22,647 to be exact.


I was down at the Emirates Stadium last weekend.

How bloody green is that, must have had an early false spring this year!!

Back on the course, greens had a light dusting of top-dressing and newly turfed areas were midi-tined.

Replacement of a cracked pipe at the 9th/12th

Low fairway areas were deep cored with the verti-drained and hand filled with sand.

Only one week in and a chunk out of one of the greens.

Greens hydro-jected with seaweed added in.

Divot team are back 5 men with a combined age of 634

Sad news as Stuart leaves the Championship and moves to the Buddon, we ll miss his squint lines on the greens.