Thursday 28th April

What a rare spell of weather we are having right now, is it wrong to hope for a day of rain!!

This week greens were brushed and double cut ahead of homemade feedmix being applied.

Homemade mix which included dried blood, hoof and horn, sulphate of ammonia and sulphate of iron was put out by hand and switched in after it was spread.

Oops, how did that photo get in there?

Hopefully, Dunfermline will secure the league this weekend.

Swans making a nest at the 11th tee.

Very heavy dew every morning this week so we have been out with the dewies before we cut.

There was even a touch of frost this week.

Semi rough being cut and feathering around the course took place.

Fairway and Rough Technicians (F.A.R.T) take care of the divot damage,

after the fairways are cut.

The tea hut is nearer completion.

After the feed this week, we have been cutting with the boxes off to ensure that any feed thats on the surface is put back in.

What is Dangerous Jimmy up to now another invention!!

Another busy week in the workshop, playing hide and seek and fixing ladies buggies.

John (MBE) has been away for most of the week as he is taking part in The Royal Wedding, he has been keeping a video diary and sent up footage of the dress rehersal.