Friday 15th October

With the Dunhill Links over we can now get ready for our winter works programme.

Well done to Martin Kaymer 2010 Champion

I had a crack at the Old Course on Monday(not too bad, only one bad slice at the 17th of course)

Building work on the new pro centre is taking shape.

On the course this week we were busy spiking tees then spreading a home made iron mix on greens, tees, approaches and green surrounds.

Other jobs: graden work on fairway extensions and semi rough.

Stripey baby!!

The rough got romped with the Amazon to allow finer grasses to come through.

With a couple of babies on the way next week, this might be the last update for a few weeks.


Thursday 14th October - Links Report



September was another changeable month with occasional heavy rain. A south easterly airflow prevailed in the first week, while the remainder of the month was dominated by westerlies, mostly light to fresh. Total rainfall was 51mm and average noon temperature was 14.75○ C, near normal for the month.


Championship Course

Selective Weedkiller

Selective weedkilling was carried out on fairways where required. Greens were treated locally as required using knapsack sprayers targeting outstanding small pads of pearlwort.

Total Weedkiller

Total weedkiller was used around Starters’ Box, Hotel and Public Putting Green perimeter.

Grass Herbicide – Rescue

“Rescue” was applied to the 6th, 9th and 14th tees as well as “Hogan” tees for ryegrass and / or Yorkshire fog control. Lower lying fairway areas on the 4th, 6th, 7th, 9th 12th and 17th holes and selected roughs on the 1st, 4th, 7th, 9th, 10th, and 12th holes were similarly reated as a follow-on from last month’s treatment.


A preventive fungicide was applied to greens in the second half of the month while green surround areas were treated locally for dollar spot control with liquid ammonia and iron added to the knapsack tank.

Wetting Agent

The monthly wetting agent application was carried out on greens, on this occasion with a micro-nutrient – phosform turf conditioner added to the tank.

Top Dressing

Greens were top dressed in the middle of the month followed by the usual brushing in.


Many tees were hollow tined following “The Tassie”, overseeded and top dressed, some with the addition of granular seaweed. Certain traffic routes were hollow tined and dressed also.

Bunker Maintenance

The usual bunker maintenance was carried out which included trimming, sand shaping and bunker floor cultivation as required.

Turf Repairs

Some small turf repairs were carried out during the month on the 2nd, 5th, 7th and 17th holes.

Irrigation System

Irrigation system maintenance during the month involved raising low tee sprinklers and trimming round sprinkler heads where necessary. Turf irrigation was again not required in the prevailing conditions.


The new turf on the early part of the 18th fairway was given a light (2-0-10) fertiliser application. Lawn sand was used on weaker green surround areas while greens were sprayed with a low dose of liquid nitrogen, potassium and seaweed in the middle of the month. Weaker tees and certain fairways were treated with a liquid nitrogen and iron mixture.

Brushing / Rolling

Greens, approaches and surrounds were brushed as required during the month while greens rolling continued to suit prevailing circumstances.

Agronomist Visit

Mr R Windows carried out his biannual visit on the 28th of the month.


The Tassie progressed smoothly through the week and fortunately without the flooding issues of last year. Player feedback was very positive regarding the two courses and the event remains as popular as ever.

Environmental Work

Environmental work was limited during September but included clearing out the Barry Burn and ditches on the Championship Course and chipping tree and dead gorse branches.

Toro Student Greenkeeper of the Year

Craig Boath, having won the Scottish Region competition, narrowly missed out on winning the national award held at B.I.G.G.A. headquarters in Bingley. Congratulations to Craig for his achievements in the S.V.Q. Level 3 awards and being chosen to represent Scottish Greenkeeping candidates for this prestigious award. (Of course, we have to recognise a bias towards those candidates, south of the border!)

John S Philp
Links Superintendent


Saturday 9th October - Dunhill Links Day 3

Final day for Carnoustie and the big boys are in town

Same cutting regime as Thursday with everything cut apart from the tees

which were dewied

Monty practice chipping on the 3rd of the Burnside

The Legend with Monty!!

Westwood getting interviewed

So do Padraig and GMac

Westwood and Ernie at the 10th green.

Monty at the tenth.

Dunhill over day off for the guys on Monday as its a Bank Holiday.


Friday 8th October - Dunhill Links Day 2

Not so good weather wise today
Jobs today include:
Hand cutting greens and rolling behind
Tees, green surrounds and approaches cut with triples
"Hogan" tees cut by hand
Bunkers raked
Holes re-painted
Fairways dewied
Faiways divotted up
Today sees the return of 1999 Open Champion Paul Lawrie who is playing along with local pro Keir McNicoll


Thursday 7th October - Dunhill Links

Dunhill Links Day 1

Dark start this morning.

Greens hand cut

and rolled behind.

5 guys cutting greens and two rolling behind. Two tee start at the Dunhill so guys split greens to let the roller on quickly behind.

Approaches and surrounds cut with triples.

Fairways cut, again with the two tee start two guys at one end and two at the other.

Tees dewied and switched for worm casts.

Holes changed and painted today, they are left for the three days play.


Keep up to date on the scores.

Wednesday 6th October

Dunhill week.

Monday greens double cut. First with a triple, then behind with the hand mowers and rolled.

Fairways, surrounds and semi rough also cut.

We have had help from Elmwood College, cupping the fairways during the practice days this week.

Tuesday and Wednesday greens had a single hand cut, main tees cut and tournament tees hand cut.


Friday 1st October

Red sky in the morning..... shepherds warning!!


windy today, greens brushed and double cut, holes changed, bunkers raked and approaches and surrounds cut.

Early finish due to the torrential rain.