Thursday 12th July 2012

Lets not mention the weather!!
Our best wishes go to Malcolm aka The Edge. Malx is away down to Royal Lytham St Annes for two weeks to help out at The Open.

I dont know how he managed to fit all his clothes, duvet, pillow and Nightlight Carebear in to his car but he has arrived safe and well. Good Luck Malx.

This week a break in the weather on Tuesday allowed us to overseed the greens using the DynaSeeders and top-dressing. Just in time before more heavy rain, which was good because it washed in the sand.

If anybody sees the 7th tee - the answer is no, we are not creating the Olympic Rings - more the case of Fairy Rings.

A few around the course treated with a broad spectrum fungicide through the Hydro-ject.

Our Operation Pollinator area has been prepped for seed. The initial plan was to total weedkill the area (which worked) then scarify heavilly (which didnt work) and oversow with the wildflower mix. We ended up scraping the top vegetation away with the digger and levelling out with the lute.

Wildflower mix

also some of our own heather brashings were added to an area.

Seed was put out then rolled with the cambridge roller. New signs c/o Barry in the Paintshop advertising the area.


Sunday 8th July 2012

Rain and more rain.

Back to a normal cutting routine after the Ladies Amateur.

This week we have been keeping a close eye on the rough. With the wet weather, we decided to cut areas back, two bouts outwith the semi-rough at 4 inch, to speed up play.

Talking of a close eye. My first week in charge has been a struggle trying to keep tabs on this guy, Dangerous Jimmy. Blink and he is off!!

Our greens nursery to the left of the 5th hole is coming on. Not bad after a few weeks at least the weather is good for somethings. 

On Friday we had a charity golf group out on the course early. Next stop after Carnoustie was Panmure then off to Monifieth for another two rounds in the same day!

Out on the Buddon, things are ticking along nicely.

The above two pictures are of what will be the new 10th green.

Where the 12th green is situated now will be the 11th tee.

Site for the 11th green.

11th fairway.

12th tee.

View from the back of the 12th green.

View approaching the 12th green.

A lot of heather was saved from the 12th green area and this will be used again possibly on bunker faces on the new holes.

Digging out sand from which will be a new lake.

All materials on the site have been re-used, here is our old dump. The material has decomposed over the years leaving a very good topsoil which can be used for divot mix or construction on all three courses


Monday 2nd July 2012

The rain managed to stay off for most of the semi-final and final on Saturday.

Northern Ireland's Stephanie Meadow is the new Ladies' British Open Amateur champion. She beat Spain's Rocio Sanchez Lobato 4 and 3 in the final with an impressive display of sub-par golf at the gallop - the match was completed in under three hours. The victory earns Stephanie a place in the field for this week's US Women's Open and the Ricoh Women's British Open at Hoylake in September.
Good Luck Stephanie

With limited play on the course, plus the rain and the sun, the tees on the course have welcomed the break and have repaired quite well.

Today out on the course, fairways were cut along with the approaches and surrounds. Greens were brushed

then double cut with the groomers behind to catch some of the lateral growth.

Elsewhere, thick pockets of rough were strimmed and the rough deck was out at 4" cutting thick landing zone areas just off of the semi rough.

The change of guard started today with Sandy(left) taking over from The Godfather and myself(Craig right) taking over from Sandy.  Things are going smoothly so far (because Sandy is on holiday!!!). John also appeared at work today, i hope he is not expecting to get paid because he is officially retired!!