Friday 19th March

Apart from the strong winds today, this week has been really good weather-wise.

On Thursday, we continued on the bunker shaping and we also brushed and cut the greens and approaches( greens cut at 4.7 mm and approaches/surrounds at 7.5mm). Verti -drain work was on-going on the walkways. The guys also managed to lift and level off the left half of the 5th tee.

At the sheds, there was a presentation from Andrea Talkenberg from a company called Punctus. This was a talk on golf course management software.


Today, we installed a spectator bridge over the ditch between the 6th hole of the Buddon and the 7th hole of the Championship.

This was made up of wooden sleepers and an astroturf mat. Other jobs today included : verti-drain work, changing holes, brushing and cutting the tees(tees cut at 7.5mm) and turfing jobs.

Next week will see us bring out the chipper again as we had a case of vandalism one night this week. Resulting in a block of gorse bushes being burnt at the 16th hole.