Monday 5th April

A mixed bag of weather last week causing a lot of extra jobs for the guys.
Monday was a good start to the week weather wise giving us the chance to brush and cut greens and green surrounds, holes were changed, bunkers raked and we started to cut the fairways.
High winds and heavy rain on Tuesday and Wednesday bringing a little bit of damage and disruption.

Driving sand from sand hole to the sheds and tidying the sheds were the jobs on these days.

Thursday and Friday resulted in trying to get bunkers back into play by pumping water out. Greens were rolled and certain tees were cored and top dressed.

A new box at the Ladies 14th tee has been introduced this year, as well as being handy for bin, it also gives the ladies the yardage of the pin on the green.

Monday and Tuesday this week are public holidays so only a few guys are in to set up the course. Today, holes are changed, greens rolled and bunkers raked. Tommorrow, bunkers will be raked and boxes moved.