This week started off with beautiful sunshine.

On Monday: Holes were changed, markers moved, newer turfed areas were sprayed with fungicide(azoxystobin), liquid fertiliser(premium n) and a dew preventative.

Sandy changing holes and Craig hiding in the shadow of the bunker.

Greens were cut @ 4.3mm, fairways cut @ 9mm and approaches/green surrounds cut @ 7mm.

On Tuesday: greens were cut and rolled, bunkers raked, areas around the course were sprayed with total weedkiller (roads, shelters, around the sheds etc) and the burn-wall was cleared of weeds and moss.

We also found time to core any areas that were affected with the floods. These areas were all top-dressed and over-seeded behind the corer.

Yesterday, bunkers were raked, greens were cut @ 4mm and green surrounds were cut @ 7mm.

Behind the cut, greens were applied with Scotts 16:0:16 spring start. The approaches and surrounds were applied with Vitax SSD.

supplied by http://www.aitkens.co.uk/

Little action shot.

Today, greens dewied then cut when it was dry with the boxes off, total weed killing work was on-going and the tee-banks were flymoed.

The last load of turf arrived for the nursery another 1400 sq m

Barry thinking what he's having for his piece.

Nearly there.

Rain-train has a blocked nozzle....one less mouse in the world.

Sandy stands back and admires a good days work!!!