Tuesday 2nd November

Well a lots been happening since ive been away.(another two girls for me)

Out on the course: greens were applied with an autumn/winter fert, a continuation of cutting the rough, fairways cored and fairway bumps overseeded, roughs spiked, pro tees midi tined/overseeded/top dressed, weak areas on greens overseeded and a start made to lifting turf from one of the low lying areas at 11th fairway.

This week, its the start of the 2 week course closure(Monday-Friday)
Yesterday, all the summer course furniture was brought in, greens were cut in front of the verti drain and a start was made to both jobs on the 11th fairway( low lying areas)

Turf cut and put to the side

Poor soil scraped together and taken away.

Dune sand and our own topsoil added, shaped, tramped and ready for the same turf to be put back again.

Half of it re-turfed today.

Elsewhere, the new pro shop takes shape.