Friday 18th February

This week,we turfed the new ridge at the 18th

The fairway turf was taken from the right hand side of the 1st fairway and used at the 18th.The area at the 1st will be re-turfed with rough turf as we are pushing the fairway out more to the left side up "The Battery".

Turfing finished at the 18th, area rolled and cleaned up.

Tea hut coming on leaps and bounds.

Turf was cut and lifted, ready for digging out and gas, water and fibre optics being installed behind the 18th green and across the 1st walkway for the new pro centre.

Next job on the list is at the 6th fairway, Hogans Alley.

Here, the fairway is being extended out to the fence. Thatchy turf and poor soil dug out, dune sand and fresh topsoil put back in its place ready for turf. This will be finished next week.