Friday 11th March

Strong winds this week, mixed with heavy rain/hail showers.
Don't fancy being a roof slater this week.

Craig Kerr --------------- Roy Orbison

All the guys were wrapped up to avoid the sand storms.

Out on the course: weak areas were midi cored and walkways verti-drained.

Greens were solid tined using a 8mm tine (4 inch depth) they were rolled behind using the Smithco roller.

The big job this week was at the 3rd fairway. After agreeance by the Committee (Monday night meeting), the rough mound in the middle of the fairway was removed and re contoured.

First thing Tuesday morning turf was cut and removed by hand.

Then we took away most of the soil and re shaped the land with help of the digger.

By Wednesday morning the area was ready for turf.

All turf laid, rolled and area cleaned up by 11am on the Thursday.

Good going by the guys.

Just had a look at this weekends forecast, it doesn't look too clever.

More snow on the way.