Monday 13th June

Well, the last couple of weeks we have had The Links Championships on the course.
Here are the results:

Final Friday 10th June

K Harper bt A Fyfe 6&4

Semi Finals Wed 8th June

A Fyfe bt A Sweeney 1up

K Harper bt G Singer 3&1

Quarter Finals Monday 6th June

A Sweeney bt J Craig 4&2

A Fyfe bt R Reyner 1 hole

G Singer bt E O’Brien 1 hole

K Harper bt S Nicoll 5&4

Links Matchplay 1st Round Friday 3rd June

A Sweeney bt J Oldroyd 5&3

J Craig bt R Wardlaw 2&1

A Fyfe bt A Reid 2&1

R Reyner bt S Norrie 1 hole

G Singer bt D Elder 5&4

E O’Brien bt D Cairnie 5&4

K Harper bt P Drummond 3&2

S Nicoll bt D Cargill 6&5

Hogan Trophy Wednesday 1st June

Best score on the night was Danny Elder with a 76. His 3 round total of 220 also won him the Hogan Trophy to be presented on 10th June in the Caledonia GC. In 2nd place was Aaron Sweeney with a total of 224.

CSS for the Hogan Trophy was 79 (Reduction Only)

Gents Links

Leading scores for the Championship Course 2nd qualifying round

A Sweeney 69, D Elder 72, K Harper 77. CSS 75

Ladies Links

Final Friday 10th June

F Gilbert bt F Millar 3&2

Semi Finals Wed 8th June

Ladies Links-Championship Course

F Millar bt C Penman 1 up

F Gilbert bt L Fenton 1 up


Final Friday 10th June

M Brown bt P Sawers 3&2

Rosebowl Semi Finals

P Sawers bt A Leiper at 19th

M Brown bt S Sneddon 1 up

Quarter Finals-Wed 25th May

Championship Course

C Penman bt C Robertson 7&6

F Millar bt K Reid w/o

L Fenton bt F Blair 3&1

F Gilbert bt J Meek 1up

Rosebowl-Burnside (full handicap difference and any extra holes are on a sudden death basis with strokes applying again)

P Sawers bt J Clark 2&1

A Leiper bt C Healey 1 up

M Brown bt Y Heap w/o

S Sneddon bt C Orr 7&6

No photos this week as my camera has bitten the dust hopefully have another one next week.