Friday 16th September 2011

Well, the weather for Tassie week ended not too bad after all the rain and wind.

The GB&I Walker Cup team had a good workout on the course. I am sure the stiff wind at Carnoustie maybe helped them retain the Walker Cup.

Pine needles picked up from the 9th fairway and Dangerman blowing them off the 10th tee for the Tassie competitors.

Sandy makes sure the pins are extra tricky for the semi-final and final.

I managed to get up on Saturday to Royal Aberdeen.

The course looked amazing. Well Done to Robert Patterson and his team.

Back to Carnoustie and a really windy and wet start to the week.

A lot of guys on holiday this week so it was a depleted team. Sandy was off so i had a new wingman, Dangerous Jimmy. A wet area at the 14th walkway was our first port of call. Poor soil underneath was not letting water drain away. This area was dug out and backfilled with sand then returfed.

Other jobs on were sand injection on tees with the Graden


A start was made to putting up all the scoreboards and tv towers for the Dunhill. I am sure by the weekend they will all be up.