Thursday 20th October 2011

Its getting ever so close to the end of the season.

The Rescue has done the trick on the clumps of ryegrass that we sprayed.

Heavy rain on the Monday brought a few balls down the Barry Burn. Thats a few Christmas presents sorted!!

Pine needles and leaves that fall at this time of year getting sweeped up with the TM.

We have stopped cutting at the weekends now due to the drop in temperature and lack of growth. This week saw the start of frost in the mornings.

Rough cutting around the course still ongoing as is the star tining of the fairways. Hopefully by the end of this week these jobs will be finished.

Yesterday, greens were top-dressed and cut after the sand was brushed in. This morning we just dewied the greens. More rain due again tomorrow night.

Congratulations to Dangerous Jimmy, who tied the knot at the weekend.

Pictures of the big day to follow.