Tuesday 22 November 2011

Its hard to believe we are still in November, so warm.

Today the temperature high was just over 13 C = 55.40 F  and not a breath of  of wind.

Verti-drain work now focused on the tees.

Along with the mild weather comes heavy dew. Forgot to mention last week that we put an application of iron mixed with sand on the greens by hand/spreadsheet. Hopefully this will keep the leaf a little bit drier and keep disease at bay. Yesterday, we rolled the greens. Firstly, to take the dew off and secondly to give a little bit more smoothness and firmness after the verti drain work from the week before last.

Rolling the greens allowed up to spray the greens yesterday, with a disease preventative.

Our next project of the winter is at the 10th hole next to the green. Photo above kindly provided from John's Ilford Sporti camera.

Bridge work is just about complete on the Imlay bridge (outside contractors), this allows us to get on with some work around that area . Our job is to raise the block work on the burn wall (kerb stone) by two rows and create a soft mound to stop any future flooding. 

We are also taking away the astro mat walkway that leads from the 11th tee, raising the ground up and re-turfing with hard wearing turf. 

Kerb stone is used from a section at the 17th fairway (another winter job) for the 10th.

Two man job to lift the kerbs.

Sand from Cotside Quarry near Carnoustie used to upfill the area once all the poor silty soil was taken away.

Decent topsoil from the job was put to the side before sand was driven in. This soil was then put back on top before being shaped with the lute.

First part of the job almost ready for raking, tramping and turfing.

Bunkers getting re-built this week so far are two at the 4th green.