Sunday 27th May 2012

Welcome to Carnoustie Del Sol.
What a week weather wise, we didnt expect heat like this!

The greens were due for a feed and thats what we did on Monday. A Carnoustie special mix including dried blood, hoof and horn, seaweed, iron and the secret recipe specially imported for the last time from John Philps shed.
Will he pass on this secret ingredient, who knows??

Greens were brushed and the homemade mix was put out with Vicons. Greens were then double cut behind, in the dry, to break down the hoof and horn a little bit more.

Other jobs on this week were spraying the fairways for weeds and especially pearlwort, which seems to be rife this year for some reason. Fairways were cut as normal with the heights going up slightly to 10mm.

Most of the week we have been cutting the greens with the triples and boxes off returning any fertiliser back into the green. Friday we double hand cut(collecting clippings) and rolled behind.
Links Championship Qualifying takes place on Monday night, this is the start of all the club tournaments now.

Workshop are busy building a mesh frame round the diesel tank to stop any thieves.

Marcus from 1st Golf Ltd arrives to set up camp for the project on the Buddon Links more on that later.

Forecast for next week looks really good again.
Hand watering at the ready!