Thursday 28th June 2012

Well Monday has been the best day of the week so far - sunny.

Everyday we have most of the guys from the other two courses. Fairways cut everyday along with approaches and surrounds and of course greens.

 Rolling behind the cutters to firm up the greens and give us a little more speed. All this rain has meant we have had to take the height of cut down from our normal 4mm to 3.25mm.

Divot squad make sure the fairways are in tip top condition. 

Strimming/feathering around the greens.

As i said earlier the weather has not been kind to us. A few bunkers mainly down the far end of the course have been topped up with sand. So far we are up to 129mm of rain in June and 356mm for the season with more to come.

The only one liking this is the Northern Marsh Orchid.