6th March 2013

What a great spell of weather we have been having, is it wrong to ask for rain??
9 days since we have last had rain, get the irrigation at the ready!!!

A really good week of work last week.

 14 bunkers have been rebuilt, with a little help from Malx and Barry (Burnside Bulgy Boys).

Certain bunkers at 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 14th being rebuilt.

Bridge work is still continuing on the course. Here, at the 1st the beams have been put in place after coming back tarted up from the workshop.

More bunker work.

 No, Rookie is back from his trip to Oz. He is the master of heading out divots on fairways. This process has been a bit relaxed over the years due to lack of tight turf. Concentration is more on really bad areas now and par 3 tees.

Master craftsman Barry has produced a bee box which will go out in our Operation Pollinator area. The thought of honey sandwiches for our morning piece sounds good.
Yesterday, we had a group of 7 guys attend the BIGGA Scottish Regional Conference at Dunfermline. It was a great day, with a range of topics talked about and another chance to meet up with fellow greenkeepers from around the area.
Forgot to mention last week congratulations to Paul who recently got married to Melanie. All the best for the future.