Tuesday 15th June

Trying to play catch up with the old blog, obviously down to work and a few computer issues.

Yesterday was a perfect day for top-dressing greens, approaches and surrounds. Today all these areas were cut (greens double cut and rolled).

Tomorrow, we plan to cut fairways.
Last weeks jobs included:
Daily cutting of greens, rolling, cutting fairways and tees.

A home-made feed mix was put on the greens on the Thursday consisting of:

ammonia, iron, dried blood, hoof + horn and seaweed this was mixed with sand.

After the mix was spread by hand it was switched in. The next day greens were cut with the clippings return not to waste any feed.

Other jobs were star tining tees and spot spraying weeds round the course and at the public putting green.

New visitor/s to the Toro machinery shed were a family of swallows.